A Brief History
1956 Intermedic was founded by the late Jean Ph Farah as a distribution operation for U.S and European pharmaceutical products in Lebanon.
1971 Intermedic started to expand gradually as the founder's four sons joined the company with th core activities extended to cover Hospital and Medical supplies
1976 Medical and Laboratory Equipement were introduced.
1990 Clinical infromation systems were introduced and the company acquired ISO certification.
2000 The company initiated its alliance with Sodexho, a world leader in management & food services, enviromental and auxilary service to healtheme, business and educational facilities.
2010 Established its affiliation with HCP (Healthcare consulting and Planning) covering the full range of facility and medical equipmentr related functions
Today Today, with its solid network of faithful customers and prestigious world class manufacturers it represents, the group has earned recognition and respect for its corporate culture, professionalism and commitment to quality standards. It is recognized as a global solution provider at the service & healthcare

This recognition and trust duly acknowledged by our various partners along with the key element of human resources represent a major capital asset for Saturn Trust.