Hospital Supplies Division (HSD)

HSD started its activities back in 1970 and has always focused on the changing needs of its customers by offering the most up-todate products and systems covering various medical and surgical specialties.

Today HSD is proud to have reached its goal via the prestigious portfolio of leading manufacturers as may be seen in our listing of suppliers.

HSD is structured into a number of business units under which the products and solutions offered are grouped along the lines of various medical specialties as showns below:

  • J & J Franchises Unit: Handles Surgical Sutures, Endo-mechanical Instruments and Devices, Women's Health, Interventional Cardiology and Endo-vascular devices and supplies.
  • Ortho Unit: Specializes in Joint Replacement Prosthesis, Spinal Implimants and Systems, Trauma Supplies, Surgical Powert Tools and Arthoscopy Systems and Supplies.
  • R & C Unit: Distributes X-Ray films, Chemicals Processors, Images and Computed Radiography equipment. It also offers Digital Radiology, Picture Archiving and Radiology Infortmation Systems.
  • Ophtalmic & Neuro Unit: Handles Ophthalmic Surgical Supplies and instruments, Micro Surgical Systems and Diagnostic Equipment. Its Neuro portfolio comprises Surgical Navigation Systems and Stereoactic Frames.
  • Dialysis Unit: Specializes in Hemo-Dialysis Equipment, Filters and Supplies. It also provides total solutions to dialysis centers comprising installation, commissioning and training.

Each HSD Business Unit has its dedicated management and highly trained teams of product specialists who work closely with surgeons and doctors. The Units are supported by HSD customer Service & Logistics Department that ensure full coverage of the market. HSD share the technical services of the Customer Support Unit of MED thus ensuring customers the benefits of a common high standard of services.

Prime Medical

Prime Medical is organized into two Divisions comprising of:

  • Medical equipment Division (MED-P) with several Units under this Division and namely:
    • Laboratory Supply Unit / IVF Solutions
    • Equipment Sales Units:
      • Reanimation.
      • Anesthesis.
      • Clinical Care.
  • Hospital Supplies Divisoin (HSD-P) with major Business Units:
    • Open Heart
      • CV Surgical Pack & Oxygenators.
      • Cath Lab Supplies.
      • Infusion Pumps.
      • Heart Lang Equipment.
      • Vascular Access Devices.
      • Anesthesis Supplies.

    • Operating Room Supplies:
      • Surgical packs, gowns & facial protection.
      • Neuro surgery devices & Power tools.
      • Surgical Intruments.
      • ENT Supplies & implants.
      • Electrosurgery.

    HCP Healthcare Consultancy & Planning)

    The services of HCP cover the Full range of facility and medical equipment related functions from project inception to post-Commissioning covering the following major milestones:

    • Programming phase and information gathering.
    • Concept and schematic design phase.
    • Design development phase.
    • Management of equipment procurement and contact administration.
    • Construction phase that include supervision and commissioning.
    HCP will help you plan a new facility or re-visit the plans of existing ones to achieve a world class patient focused healthcare environments along the highest standards of accreditation and safety requirements.

    Intermedic International s.a.l (offstore)

    Intermedic International is an offshore company dedicated to the export of Saturn Trust know-how competencies and expertise in the health care sector towards the Middle-East and African markets.
    The company offers global integrated solutions to hospitals and health-care facilities through its reputation and quality services.
    We can provide a comprehensive vision and solution to a project from its inception at one planning phase to its management, training, education, commissionning and operation.