Medical Equipment Division (MED)

MED started its activities in 1976 when medical equipment were incorporated in the business chain of the Group. It has been a success story ever since with steady growth in services that start with planning of facilities, purchase of medical equipment, installation, training, customer support, and after sales service.

MED is renowned for all of the above in addition to its ability to address healthcare facilities and hospitals as turn key projects.

MED is organized in five Business Units comprising:

  • Project Unit PRU.
  • Equipment Sales Unit (Medical Equipment) ESU-ME.
  • Equipment Sales Unit (Diagnostic Radiology) ESU-DR.
  • Laboratory Sales Unit LSU.
  • Customer Support Unit CSU.
PRU is our business unit involved with global turn-key projects tapping on the rich internal synergy of resources as well as the abundance of our net-work of international suppliers.

ESU-ME relates to the global portfolio of medical equipment excluding imaging and revolves around 5 business lines namely:
  • Patient care Environment (Hospital Beds, Architectural Products…).
  • Operating Rooms & Sterilization (OR tables, OR lights, sterilizers, washers…).
  • Clinical Care (Patient Monitoring and Clinical Informatics).
  • Anesthesia & Reanimation (Anesthesia Equipment , Ventilators and Management Informatics).
  • Endoscopy & Microscopy (medical endoscopy, surgical endoscopy, surgical microscopy).
ESU-DR is our diagnostic radiology (imaging and therapy systems) covering mainly:
  • MR, CT, GXR(general X Ray & cardiovascular systems), NM (nuclear medicine) , PET/CT, U/S (ultra sound).
  • PACS (Patient Archiving Management System).
  • Radiation Therapy (linear accelerators, treatment planning and management informatics).
LSU covers laboratory equipment and supplies providing solutions within pre-analytical sample preparations and analysis with main focus on:
  • Clinical Chemistry & immunodiagnostics automated Platforms.
  • Coagulation & critical care blood gas testing equipment.
  • Immuno-hematology- Transfusion medicine setups.
  • Imaging solutions (Basic to Laser and electron Microscopy systems).
  • General lab equipment for clinical and special industrial applications.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Education & Research lab equipment, reagents and supplies.
CSU is our customer support hub that maintains exemplary equipment up-time records and ensures customer satisfaction. CSU, with its internal business units, CSU-DR and CSU-ME, is able to undertake and face this challenge through its qualified teams of well trained professionals.

Hospital Supplies Division (HSD)

HSD started its activities back in 1972 and has always focused on the changing needs of its customers by offering the most up-to date products and systems covering various medical and surgical specialties.

Today HSD is proud to have reached its goal via the prestigious portfolio of leading manufacturers as may be seen in our listing of suppliers.

HSD is structured into a number of business units under which the products and solutions offered are grouped along the lines of various medical specialties as shown below:
  • J & J Franchises Unit: Handles Surgical Sutures, Endo-mechanical Instruments and Devices, Women's Health, Interventional Cardiology and Endo-vascular devices and supplies.
  • Ortho Unit: Specializes in Joint Replacement Prosthesis, Spinal Implants and Systems, Trauma Supplies, Surgical Power Tools and Arthroscopy Systems and Supplies.
  • R & C Unit: Distributes X-Ray films, Chemicals Processors, Images and Computed Radiography equipment. It also offers Digital Radiology, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Radiology Information Systems (RIS).
  • Ophthalmic & Neuro Unit: Handles Ophthalmic Surgical Supplies and instruments, Micro Surgical Systems and Diagnostic Equipment. Its Neuro portfolio comprises Surgical Navigation Systems and Stereotactic Frames.
  • Dialysis Unit: Specializes in Hemo-Dialysis Equipment, Filters and Supplies. It also provides total solutions to dialysis centers comprising installation, commissioning and training.
Each HSD Business Unit has its dedicated management and highly trained teams of product specialists who work closely with surgeons and doctors. The Units are supported by HSD customer Service & Logistics Department that ensures full coverage of the market. HSD share the technical services of the Customer Support Unit of MED thus ensuring customers the benefits of a common high standard of services.

Organizational Chart