Network Of Suppliers
Along the same spirit that prevails within the Saturn Trust organization, PRIMEmedical s.a.l. has teamed up with first class names in the industry and will continue to seek more principals of the same criteria.

PRIMEmedical s.a.l. is very proud of its present relations with its suppliers listed below

Ventilation, Anaestasia, Warming, Therapy, Monitoring
Kimberley Clark Healthcare
Patient care, Facial Protection Cold Therapy Products Single use Surgical Packs Drapes, Growns Infection Control Apparel
Kodak Health imaging
Imagers, Printers& Processors
Imaging Films& Accessories
Neuro-Surgery power Tools CSF Flow Control Devices& Drainage Kits ENT Supplies
Otological Prothesis, Equipment and Instruments
Orthopedic Instruments
CardioThoracic& Vascular Instruments
Chest drainage system
Ligating clips and skin staplers
Smith Medical ICU & CCU Supplies
Dideco Cardio Pulmonary customs packs stöckert Instrumente Heart/ Lung Machines