HCP (Healthcare Consultancy & Planning)  
The services of HCP cover the full range of facility and medical equipment related functions from project inception to post-commissioning .The core functions of HCP are along the typical steps that are followed in capital projects management and may be summarized as follows:
  • Programming phase and information gathering.
  • Concept and schematic design phase.
  • Design development phase.
  • Management of equipment procurement and contact administration.
  • Construction phase that include supervision and commissioning.
HCP will help you plan a new facility or re-visit the plans of existing ones to achieve a world class patient focused healthcare environment along the highest standards of accreditation and safety requirements.

HCP is supported by an expert team of professionals specialized in various biomedical engineering disciplines, health facility planning, healthcare IT and healthcare project management. Our services can be offered to newly starting projects as well as for ongoing projects in the form of a peer or design review for one or more components of the services spectrum.

Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve a world class patient focused healthcare environment with state of the art technologies that are upgradable along a program that guarantees non-obsolescence.

We are committed to the provision of professional services along the highest standards of accreditation and safety requirements including JCI, AIA, NFPA, ASHRAE, HBN, HTM and others.

Our planning philosophy that combines the knowledge of site specifics, medical technology and space programming, provides functional solutions to our clients

We are committed to listen and learn from our clients, a concept that reinforces our dedication to the values of collaboration, mentoring, communication and above all, "professional service provision".

Our vision is to foresee and promote a world class "patient focused" healthcare environment, to be built as an "institution of excellence and a knowledge domain for healthcare activities and services", to incorporate "state of the art "technologies that have the capability to remain ahead at all times through a well planned upgrading program, while maintaining efficient and effective practices across all functional areas of the institution.

HCP is your professional companion along the road of healthcare.